Reliable and accurate assessment of participants based on evidence of their behavior and due to that:

  • Matching employees to post requirements properly

  • The right choice of people for key positions in a company

  • Identification of strengths and competency gaps, and thus, the optimal selection of the range of development activities

  • An accurate identification of people with the highest potential for programs such as Talent Management






1. Meeting for consultants and people responsible for AC/DC on behalf of a Client – setting objectives that have to be achieved through the project

2. Analysis of professional positions/roles/profiles that are the subject of AC/DC (identification of goals set for a specific position/role/profile, determining the expected performance on a position, defining functions/meaning of a position on the background of an organizational structure, analysis of tasks and the expected on a specific position, analysis of critical situations).

3. Defining key competences(necessary) and desirable competences for a specific position according to the indicated areas (e.g. customer orientation, leadership skills, ability to plan and organize, influence, building partnerships, etc.).

4. Selecting tasks appropriate for examining pre-defined competences.

5. Preparing the content of exercises that allows to observe the field of competence

6. Trial session of a development center. Objective:

- Confirmation the accuracy of the proposed exercises

- Obtaining participants’ opinion about the session (the level of difficulty of the exercises, motivational function)

7. Preparing all the information necessary for the execution of a project

8. Conduction a session AC/DC with participants

9. Preparing reports (evaluation of observed competence and its justification, strengths and weaknesses in the context of observed behavior, recommendations  for development, training, and improvement).

10.  Individual meetings with participants in order to provide feedback on the obtained results.

11. Preparing final report.



In addition


As part of this project we can also provide consultations for superior participants of the process and HR staff in terms of planning further development activities and preparing improvement programs.

At Client’s request, the reports from the sessions can be supplemented with information obtained from a study conducted with the use of the tools Job Centric Harrison Assessments Systems. The reports will not only pave the way to the extended diagnosis of people’s potential, but also will provide excellent material for further work on the observed competency gaps. 

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