We have been supporting our customers in achieving  exceptional recruitment processes since 2006. We are appreciated for the efficiency and complexity of our projects. We are more like a recruitment boutique, therefore each project is special for us and we treat it with great commitment. We realize recruitment projects for middle and senior executive positions and offer services search & selection for specialist and assistants.
Our mission is to provide the best candidates for a specific job position considering the excellent knowledge of their professional potential, motivation and personality, and precise diagnosis of the needs of employers. Our actions are based on the use of tested and adjusted procedures and techniques according to a customer. This personalized approach ensures that recommended candidates will be not only active, but also will deliver added value to the companies of our Clients. Our consultants have years of experience in realizing recruitment processes.

It allows us to identify and figure out the specifics of our Clients’ businesses, and thus, to evaluate those areas, which have the greatest influence on our Client’s success
We are appreciated for conducting promptly and competently even "impossible things".





The process enables the effective and efficient acquisition and evaluation of candidates. We execute projects in almost all sectors quickly and effectively. At the outset, together with the client, a competency profile of a desired candidate is developed. Our experience demonstrates that matching a candidate to a specific company  is vitally important. Consequently, we devote a lot of energy on precise observation of activities and company culture of our Clients.  In searching for candidates we use the method, which is called Direct Search.

During the process our consultants conduct individual interviews with  candidates by analyzing their experience, competences and personality profile regarding to the client's needs. Hence, the reports on selected candidates are prepared. The recruitment process is supported by the assessment of the suitability of candidates through an online questionnaire Harrison Assessments. The results of the diagnosis deliver valuable knowledge concerning not only the personality traits of the candidates, but also their interests, motivation, and abilities to perform a specific job.




The process allows us to search candidates for executive and highly specialized positions.

Our consultants reach candidates thanks to the method of direct search and their own contacts. This is a perfect solution for customers who require confidentiality of the process and reaching a narrow group of specialists.

 Experienced consultants guarantee a high level of the service. Due to the tested methodology Harrison Assessments, the process accurately determines the level of matching the competence and personality of a candidate to the Client's needs.

The reports will contain information about matching the selected candidates to a position, taking into consideration predispositions (personality, motivation, professional preferences, values, interpersonal skills). What is more, you will be aware of the strengths and areas of development of the candidates.




  • To begin with, a precise competence profile of a desired candidate is developed together with a client. It is based on the analysis of company culture, the environment and the workplace.

  • The second step is obtaining candidates and verification of their professional and personal competences regarding to the created profile.

  • The third step is interviewing the candidates and the assessment of professional competence and personality conducted by our experienced consultants.

Harrison Assessments survey is carried out on Client’s request: a tested methodology, which is able to extend the diagnosis on the potential of each candidate using the tools that allow a thorough verification of motivation, attitude, values, and interpersonal as well as managerial skills.

The next step is a preparation of reports and presentation of recommended candidates.
As a part of the recruitment process, we offer a full service recruitment (making appointments).

The recruitment service is covered by the guarantee. According to the applicable ethical standards, both client and candidates remain in full confidentiality. An alternative to the recruiting services is our modern online recruitment system connected with HARRISON Assessments (HATS). The diagnosis of candidates and employees, which allows us to assess the effectiveness and job satisfaction in relation to a particular position or competence.


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