The relationships between two people, the aim of which is learning and development. The most important thing in mentoring is ‘’student’s dream’’.  This process is inextricably connected with progressing, learning, better understanding, and making great achievements.  The basic knowledge is a chance and a challenge for both sides (Megginson and Garvey).


Areas of work include:


  •  Single mentoring support in a particular area

  •  Mentoring processes based on the training of candidates for the mentor as well as its customers

  •  Supporting the information flow within  an organization based on knowledge and experience

  •  Keeping the most experienced employees and their knowledge

  •  Anti-burn-out tool

  •  Workshops for future mentors






  • People management

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Personal development

  • Building teams

  • Influence

  • Conflict resolution

  • Image building

  • Promotion of an organization

  • Knowledge of the principles of an organization
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