The purpose of Career Management Program is seeking a new place of employment for an employee.  Complex and innovative approach significantly increases the chances of outplacement program’s participants not only to return to work, but also to continue developing professionally.





  • An in-depth interview with a consultant, lasting 2 hours: an analysis of past achievements, professional skills, and predispositions; establishment of guidelines and opportunities for further professional development.

  • Measuring professional preferences with Harrison Assessments Questionnaire: getting more information on personality traits, which arise in inter-personal relationships and allow us to predict the success of a participant in achieving personal and professional goals – perfect material to work on areas requiring improvement.

  • Participation in an  individual training module, which prepares a person to active job seeking and effectively presents a candidacy to potential employers.

  • Access to the Portal of Career Management Program: a modern system for managing career documentation and other live events.
  • Development of modern presentation of professional profile and active promotion of a Program Participant in the labor market.

  • Apart from the Standard Package, we also offer a realization of a service such as Outplacement, which is adjusted to the number and types of positions covered by the Program and the specific needs of an organization. 
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