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Our training is mainly realized in the form of workshops, the lecture part is considered to be an introduction to the topic, hence it is limited to a minimum.  Generally, we are focusing on particular business situations, because the leading trainers have business experience.


Customer needs are investigated extremely thoroughly in order to adapt a training to the specifics of a company. The workshops can be preceded by the diagnosis Harrison Assessments, which concerns specific areas such as communication, conflict behavior, leadership, attitude towards a client etc.

 We are also able to examine team dynamics and the role of a manager in specific areas. Coaches are selected on the basis of their previous work experience and passion about a topic, which guarantees an exciting and interesting training. In the course of implementing changes after a training we are encouraging every participant to the mail contact and sharing their reflections.

Experience demonstrates that the effects increase substantially if the participants receive coaching support depending on their needs. Therefore, we offer individual coaching sessions for participants in the project.





  • Improving business performance

  • Improving communication and cooperation in a team due to a  greater mutual acceptance and understanding in a group


  • Increasing the effectiveness of a team by figuring out the strengths of a team and ways to use this knowledge in everyday activities

  • Individual development of team members through increasing awareness concerning possessed talents

  • Identifying the causes of conflicts in communication and their behavior in difficult situations.



Our company training offer includes:


  •  How to regain passion and joy for work – job burnout
  • Stress at work – when it helps and when disturbs
  • Sales techniques, leading a team – team diagnosis(psychometric tools)
  • Talent development – determining a career path within a company
  • Coaching for managers
  • Self-management
  • The art of effective communication
  • Training in labor law and copyright law
  • Call Center – How to work effectively, team building, conflict management


The program consists of 3 stages:


A study of team’s potential, which is conducted 2 weeks prior to the planned workshop:

  • Individual Analysis

  • Team Analysis - Harrison Assessment System






Workshop - 1 day






Consultations for the Head of the Team. Follow up meeting in approx. 1 month






Samples of training program:



Communication workshops based on Harrison Assessments methodologyParticipants have the opportunity to discover their own types of communication, can appreciate their strengths, as well as how types of communication influence involvement of both colleagues and subordinates. 

In addition, a manager obtains a lot of reliable information about team’s potential and its individual members.


See also:   Accreditation Harrison Assessments





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